The new media are people and businesses.

Our idea is to create new communication spaces with authoritative and high quality content.

In increasingly crowded and confusing markets, competition often boils down to the race between competitors. There is a way to get ahead of the field, to win without competing, and create a new way of doing things.

Almost Blue is inspired by the Blue Ocean Strategy.

We believe that imagining new possibilities is a mindset.

In the race to appear different at all costs, we respond with the beauty of knowing how to be uniquely ourselves. And this make the difference.

We believe in the value of nuance. Almost Blue.


We are journalists, communication professionals and web marketing specialists.

Our clients are professionals and businesses.

Our projects begin with a careful reputation analysis and develop according to a tailor-made strategy, developing coherent courses of action that contribute to strengthening, expanding and redefining the market horizons of our customers.


We tell stories of people and businesses, creating new opportunities for dialogue.
Branded content, e-books, web magazines, vertical channels dedicated to specific themes.


We believe in the strategy that merges with the realisation of ideas and which is measured with real-world results. We work to generate experiences through all points of contact with the target. Institutional campaigns, marketing communication activities and events.

Web Design

We seek the harmony between aesthetics and functionality. We think that knowing how to tell, overcoming the background noise, is a matter of attention to detail. Brand identity, creation of websites.

(not only digital)

From an idea, we create brand definition projects that have the ability to generate business for our clients. Strategic brand positioning plans.

ALMOST BLUE is a communication agency and a publishing house.

Almost Blue is the brainchild of Raffaella Cosentino, a professional with 20 years of experience in the world of communication.

She has worked for national and international companies dealing with strategic plans for Public Relations, event design and production, Press Office activities and internal communication projects. She has carried out some important Social Responsibility projects and curated exhibitions and cultural events.

She has gained experience in various markets, from consumer goods to B2B, pharmaceuticals and health. Since 2006 she has been a journalist and for 4 years has been the editor of a scientific journal.

What we say defines us in the world
Room for reflection is the path to tailor-made creativity.
The beauty of the ideas that find their way to realisation

Who we are

Raffaella Cosentino
I'm in love with words, I play with them. I like blue, hazelnut ice cream, the sound of the sea, and creating a smile that touches the heart.
Chiara Simionato
Web Designer coordinator
Giulio Divo
Coordinatore editoriale
Isabella Giglia
Sviluppa strategie di marketing e progetti pensati su misura, secondo le specifiche esigenze di business. Dopo aver lavorato diversi anni per agenzie di pubblicità e aziende internazionali, decide di specializzarsi in ambito digital, per passione. Nel tempo libero lancia dischi come fossero tweet.